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HTML compatibility.
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Submitted By flyclub on 09/03/07
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Well lately I have noticed that PlexPedia's content adding system does not support things like website redirects, image mapping, and alternate images, I do not consider it a high priority, but it would make PlexPedia more powerful.
As PlexPedia is one of the future leading website platofrms (in my eyes) this might serve to your advantage; as it gets more popular, more people will come, hence other html designers will be here as well, they will be somewhat frustrated when they can not do things like redirects and image mapping (though image mapping is rather old).
My little scenario probably will not happen, but still, please consider making the html properties of PlexPedia more powerful : )
Thank You!

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Re: HTML compatibility.
2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2009/03/07 - 17:24 GMT
Thanks for your ideas!
Using the "HTML" button in the content editor toolbar, you have the capability to insert custom javascript, css, and html codes into your content - which basically means that you have the power to do just about anything.
Honestly, redirects and image mapping shouldn't be too difficult to achieve if you are familiar with them - and if you aren't, them you probably shouldn't be using them anyway :)
If you run into a useful feature that is difficult to achieve by hand coding and that would benefit a lot of users by automating, i'll look into it!
P.S. In the "Advanced" tab of the image insertion dialog, there should be a section for specifying alternate images.
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Re: HTML compatibility.
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/07 - 17:42 GMT
Ok, well I am experienced with image mapping - I have created successful maps and tested them on ftps, however when I try to move the html code into the html button, it does not want to work. The same happens with using the picture button.
As for a hard to do task, I find that inserting a web player can be a bit tedious, I can do it, and have a few times, just an idea. Also I find that doing rather simple tasks in html can be tedious when I have copied and pasted the base text from textedit, perhaps a button that normalizes all the fonts into the default PlexPedia font, hence making html work not quite as much as a sea?
Anywho, thank you for replying so quickly!
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Re: HTML compatibility.
2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2009/03/11 - 2:44 GMT
  • I'll look into image maps a bit - I may need to instruct the editor to allow you to add them.
  • In the content editor, right next to the "html" button, there should be an eraser button - which should remove all formatting from your selected text.
All the best,
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Re: HTML compatibility.
3 days - 10,490v
Posted 2009/03/12 - 3:21 GMT
Thank you, I see that and think: "I am such a dimwit!" I apologize for having wasted your time.
uhhhh fc i think u need to look out whos name ur posting on (and i might need to change my password)
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Re: HTML compatibility.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/07/27 - 18:56 GMT
I use JavaScript redirects. I use

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