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More ideas (resolved)
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Submitted By flyclub on 09/03/07
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Ok well having just read the "PlexPedia's vision" post for the tenth time I have a few ideas:
First of all, what about sub power groups?
How about if you start a group you become a true administrator? Hence, your power is boosted to 98 one below the rank for the administrator of all plexpedia sties. However your power is only 98 on YOUR group, no others.
then you could boost power of others, etc, the power changes do not effect the other websites.
Another idea would be more customization for your group; it is a bit of a three-parter, perhaps you would be able to create your own templates for things like headers, and backgrounds, like the customizability that the administrator of PlexPedia has over things like mars explorer. Now the simplest way to have such control would be to simply have access to more of the html controlling things like the headers. A more fantastic, and unfortunately, complex way of doing it would be to have it be visual, not GUI, being able to drag around the bar, adjust settings, like if you get too many tabs, it just makes it a double bar, then triple, etc, Now I happen to REALLY like the style of "high tech" but I want the tabs system of "clean". A great way to solve this would be instead of having premade settings with different combinations of organization, have the ability to make your OWN combinations, control over tabs, background color etc.
Finally, what about the ability to make your own custom RSS feeds, not very detailed, rather simple, and effective.
Well I am done spamming you with my ideas :P mack to Mars Explorer : )

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Re: More ideas
2 weeks - 19,722v
Posted 2009/03/07 - 17:50 GMT
Great ideas!
And best of all - most of them are in the works, or are already available.
  • "Sub power groups": Group owners do currently have special privileges - they can configure the group access list to restrict posting, commenting, and viewing, to anyone they chose. The moderator system (which I have just started working on) will take this to the next level, as the group owner will be able to delegate some of their responsibility to moderators - and there will be more responsibility to delegate, as moderators will have to power to move and alter the status of any content within their jurisdiction.
  • More group customization: I totally agree! Over the last couple weeks I have been working on a system which will provide you with complete control over nearly every visual aspect of your groups. It is based directly on css - so learning about stylesheets will be a big advantage. I hope to release this system within a couple more weeks. Someday, I might release "drag and drop" gui tools to create the css for you, but just directly editing the css will come first :) Here's an example group I have been experimentally customizing using this new system: CNI.
  • Custom RSS: Good news - we already have it! :) PlexPedia's RSS generator is located at "/export.atis-tpl-rss", and you should be able to append any browse filters you desire to the url and have them be reflected in the results of the feed. For example, "". Using this technique, you can have a special tag for anything you want to appear in your special feed.
All the best,
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Re: More ideas
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/07 - 18:33 GMT
Thank you! And ironically I saw that website just yesterday :P I was not quite sure what it was, I look forward to this new development - and will do my best to learn css. Thank you for your time!
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Re: More ideas
3 days - 10,490v
Posted 2009/03/10 - 18:36 GMT
Great ideas flyclub!
may i get in on this aubrey? :) lol
anyway, for improvement purposes of plexipedia, flyclubs idea of custom templates i love, my personal idea (after making my own group) would be a system that allows you to have a IM/chat area.  I know i have brought this up alot lately but i still think its a great idea.  Kind of like skype.  Where you have contacts, and calls, IM, etc.
I will post some other ideas later...laundry calls
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Re: More ideas
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/10 - 20:48 GMT
That is all ready possible; create a unity3d project that supports multiplayer chat, then embed it using an html code. 
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Re: More ideas
2 weeks - 19,722v
Posted 2009/03/11 - 2:36 GMT
An integrated PlexPedia chat system would be cool, but I can't promise it in the near future :)
I haven't personally tried Meebo more than five minutes, but it looks like a decent solution for setting up your own site's chat system for now. You could just embed it directly in a PlexPedia page on your site...
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Re: More ideas
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2010/05/31 - 4:22 GMT
Aubrey I must sadly say that among some others, I would love to stab Meebo through its heart. Seriously that thing is a total LAG! Although it works...
Reminds me of a PC. 
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Re: More ideas (resolved)
37 minutes - 74v
Posted 2009/06/21 - 12:54 GMT
Fly I think that your idea is super duper.
P.S You spelled back wrong :p

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