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Latest PlexPedia Enhancements
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Group Themes, Personal Groups, and More!
Submitted By admin on 09/03/11
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Greetings everyone!
Here's some new features I have implemented in PlexPedia over the last couple days:
  • Redesigned Group Customization system:
    Those of you who have your own groups most likely already noticed the group customization system redesign! Each aspect of your group now has it's own customization page, and all the pages are accessible through a streamlined overview page. Not only does this make for a much more intuitive and efficient administration experience, but it has also opened the door to many other new possibilities... 
  • Themes:
    In the "Look & Feel" section of your new customization page, you can select any skin for your group effortlessly by clicking a radio button, and you can then choose any available theme for your skin. You can even create your own custom theme, and make your group look however you want it to! Themes are edited directly in CSS - and I plan to write some tutorials and example themes over the next couple days to give everyone a head start on the road to their own completely customized groups. Don't be intimidated at the idea of writing your own CSS - it's easy, fun, and very fast once you get the hang of it! Best of all, instead of using some proprietary design interface - you'll be learning to natively speak the language that the web is styled in.
  • Personal Groups:
    In the "Group Details" section of your new customization page, you have to option to switch your group's type from "Standard" to "Personal". A Personal group is like your own PlexPedia powered blog - and unlike the boring old garden variety blogs of the past - Personal groups automatically populate themselves with everything you post publicly anywhere on PlexPedia.
  • "Viewed" Tracking:
    While browsing, logged in users should notice the new "*" preceding all content items they haven't yet viewed - and the "+" preceding content that has been replied to or updated since they have viewed it. This is already a super useful tool, and I am working on some new browse modes that will make it even more so.
More features are in the works - including "Smart Pages", a bigger collection of built in themes, and a revamped content access permissions system.

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Array Re: Latest PlexPedia Enhancements
2009/03/11 - 5:14 GMT
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Thank you Aubrey!
I can hardly wait to start experimenting with all of the new group features on PlexPedia!  I just need to learn CSS first (a minor problem;), and then...let the fun begin!!!  This is great=D
Once again, thank you!
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Array Re: Latest PlexPedia Enhancements
2009/03/12 - 3:18 GMT
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I have found a strange bug, it may be unrelated, go to J.ELite.1's (http://elites.plexpedia.com) , the area where tags and recent content is shown has disappeared.
- The editor of Elites.com,
fly club
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Array Re: Latest PlexPedia Enhancements
2009/03/12 - 3:23 GMT << In Reply to
OH DUH! lol mybad......... he he he........ ok well after having read all posts on the plexpedia development, the same thing happened!
lol all I will have to do is add a small link that will change modes.... mybad!
-The editor of elites.com,
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Array Re: Latest PlexPedia Enhancements
2009/03/14 - 18:26 GMT << In Reply to
Actually, that was a problem in my logic - even if you had read everything, you should have still been able to see the tag cloud.
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Array Re: Latest PlexPedia Enhancements
2009/03/20 - 19:56 GMT << In Reply to
Thank you.

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