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Specialized searches:
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A Big Idea.
Submitted By flyclub on 09/05/12
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A VERY useful plexpedia tool would be a way to make al ink that will find any post (or posts) in any way shape or form.
Somewhat simple, here is how I believe it should work:
is the base.
First you put a dash, and spsearch instead of the usual plain old search, to specify a special search:
ts.plexpedia.com/index-search (standard)
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach (specifying special search)
Next you specify how you want it to search:
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-t = by tag tag
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-n = by name
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-c = by content
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-h = by html
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-d = by name
After specifying what to search by, there are three classes:
letter search:
letter searches can be done three ways:
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-c-1-aaa (if the post content contains aaa)
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-c-2-aaa (if the post content begins with aaa)
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-c-3-aaa (if the post ends with aaa)
You can also replace the c with an h, n, or t to specify html, tag, name, content, etcetera.
The next class is time-lining :
You can have many specifications in this as well, 
for d, you next specify what kind of date:
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-d-m = month
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-d-d = day
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-d-y = year
You can also specify multiple specifications
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-d-m-12-d-13 (the month is 12, and the day is 13)
after specifying dates, you specify how to search for the date by adding -ty, and then specifying the type of search via a number:
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-d-m-12-d-13-ty-1= equals date
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-d-m-12-d-13-ty-2 = before date
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-d-m-12-d-13-ty-3 = after date
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-d-m-12-d-13-ty-4 = between dates
when specifying between dates, you then use the same m,y,d specification after ty-4:
ts.plexpedia.com/index-spseach-d-m-12-d-13-ty-4-m-12-d-17 =
between 12/13/anyyear, and 12/17/anyyear.
You can also set time.
When specifying time, all times are GMT.
to set a time, you can do tm (minutes) th (hours) or ts (seconds)
like this:
That means that it pulls up the post if it was made between 4:02 GMT and 4:04 GMT.
This system has one downside - miss-ordering the calls would mean a corrupted link. 
Either make a generator for creating such a link using this system (please), or try to find some other way of doing it.
Only being able to find things via tag can be a large downside to plexpedia, but being able to find it with such detail, such complexity, now that woudl be amazing.
Here is a simplified list:
  • Able to find things by date
    • Minutes
    • Hours
    • Days
    • Months
    • Years
    • Before date, after date, between date
  • Able to find things by name, tag, html, or content
    • Begins with
    • Ends with
    • Contains
  • Able to add multiple parameters
    • By tag,content,date,time,name
    • Ors
    • Ands
    • Nots
And That's it, if your system can conform to that, it would be amazing!
Also some extra thoughts:
By length?
By style?
By font?
If one were to use "by title", and use "begins with" they could do a search based upon if the title begins with the letter a.

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Array Re: Specialized searches:
2009/05/14 - 5:17 GMT
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Excellent idea!
This is one of those things that I added to Safarri a long time ago, but which haven't quite made their way to PlexPedia yet.
Right now I am on the verge of thinking about beginning to merge Safarri and PlexPedia, and everything discussed in your post will be available once the massive undertaking is complete :)
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Array Re: Specialized searches:
2009/05/27 - 0:08 GMT << In Reply to
Thank you!
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Array Re: Specialized searches:
2012/09/14 - 19:52 GMT
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I was thinking it more like this:


Enter what you want to search for in "(query)"

I also found a problem with dashes. Like, when I browse tag "A-C-E", I get nothing, because it changes the dashes into 3 asterisks (***), so "A-C-E" turns into "A***C***E". Because of this, it doesn't find anything, as there is nothing in tag "A***C***E". So there. Is no way to see A-C-E's old posts by browsing the tag. The same problem happens in the search. Type in "4-H" in the search and hit enter. You can see it turned into "4***H". There is nothing in that tag.

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