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A question
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title says it all
Submitted By F-19HORNET on 10/02/09
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How do I make an online video game? Please answer.

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Re: A question
3 days - 10,628v
Posted 2010/02/11 - 18:31 GMT
Well, the first thing you have to do is learn to program (unless you already know how).  Then you need an engine to run it on, unity works very well for that.  After that, maybe do the unity scripting tutorial to learn how to apply your scripts to the game.  Then you junt have to find a host for your game.
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Re: A question
1 hour - 56v
Posted 2010/02/12 - 0:03 GMT
thnx bagels
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Re: A question
5 days - 22,986v
Posted 2012/02/20 - 19:37 GMT
This is a very general question. And he just pwn'd it.

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